Shabam Gourmet

Welcome to Shabam where we offer quality and flavorful seasonings and spices.

Chef Henry is the founder of SHABAM Gourmet unique seasonings.

Chef Henry spent a total of 15 years refining each season with perfection!

Chef Henry

My inspiration to become a chef started at the age of 13. I helped and learned joyfully from my Mother in our Mississippi kitchen. My Mother taught me how to add just the right amount of sauce and spice to all of her favorite Southern dishes. After high school I attended a Job Corps Center for Culinary Training in Meridian, Mississippi. I received my certificate to get started on the right path to my culinary career. I had my first job at Morrison’s Cafeteria School and Restaurant which is a symbol of good Southern cooking. My cooking career has only aided me in making a name for myself in an Herb and Spice Company – Shabam!

Seasoning Types

Our newest flavors include,
All purpose, Lamb, Chicken, Spicy, and Cajun.

Shabam’s new line of seasonings is the talk of the town, customers are saying that they love Shabam, and sprinkle it over all kinds of food.
Don’t let your taste buds miss out on the flavor.

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