Quality Unique Spices, Herbs, And Blends That Will Give Your

Favorite Recipes Bold Tasting Flavors!
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Unique spices, herbs, and blends that will give your favorite recipes a bold tasting flavor!

Shabam's Potato Chip Range

Variety Of Chips

Original Potato Chips: 8oz Bag Gourmet

Mesquite Barabas Potato Chips: 8oz Bag Gourmet

Source Cream & Onion Chips: 8oz Bag Gourmet

Cajun Potato Chips: 8oz Bag Gourmet


Chef Henry spent a total of 15 years
refining each season with perfection! Our newest flavors include,
All purpose, Lamb, Chicken, Spicy, and Cajun. Shabam’s new line of
seasonings is the talk of the town,

Our Mission and Vision Statement

To empower the community and to provide all-natural ingredients by offering flavors no one else has. Our potato chips have non-GMO, no MSG; all natural.

  • Our vision is to become the leading potato chips production company – brand across the United States.
  • Our mission is to build a potato chip production company whose products can be found in supermarkets and grocery stores all across the United States of America and in Canada.
  • We also want to want to build an international brand and export our well – packaged potato chips to other countries around the world.